APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Best Practice Honoree

The Awards

On-the-Job Evolvement

Connecticut – Stamford-based Framework is a management consultancy that helps companies create and preserve value through sustainable business practices. The firm defines sustainability as the coordination of environmental, social, financial and governance factors for continued profitability in an interconnected world. Framework sustains its own success by taking a strengths-based approach to employee growth and development. This means that sometimes getting the most out of a job may involve redefining the job itself to suit the person performing it.

A core practice at Framework is to align people’s job duties and responsibilities with their talents, passions and preferences to the greatest degree feasible. Although the company hires people for specific positions, over time it often adjusts their roles and duties to support changing developmental needs and individual role preferences. This job evolution is rewarding for management and employees alike.

Day to day, this means when selecting team members for projects and assignments, management focuses on matching an employee’s work not only to the required level of experience for the task at hand, but to the employee’s own specific interests and desired growth opportunities.

Framework’s strengths-based approach begins at recruitment. As part of the hiring process, all candidates – from interns to executives – complete an assessment of their personal strengths. This helps the company place employees in roles, on teams and in projects in which they can be highly engaged and most successful in helping Framework reach its goals.

"The University of Arizona is honored to be recognized by the Arizona Psychological Association for promoting a psychologically healthy workplace. Our life-cycle services and campus-wide partnerships are designed to promote resiliency and well-being for our most valuable resources-our employees."

Saundra Taylor
Senior Vice President for Campus Life
University of Arizona