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Senior Living for All Ages

Utah — Upon walking into Silverado Senior Living‘s Aspen Park facility, visitors are just as likely to hear the giggles of children as they are the laughter of elderly residents. That’s because this senior living community encourages family members of both residents and staff to participate in the facility’s activities.

Silverado National Corporation emphasizes that one of its core values is to “retain and build family unity through understanding and positive action.” At the Salt Lake City, Utah-based facility, this credo translates into an intergenerational melting pot, where residents play games, read, swim, sing and make crafts with family members of all ages.

Almost a quarter of Silverado’s employees bring their children to work, and another 25 percent say they plan to use the onsite daycare facility slated to open in 2004. Flexible hours also allow the approximately 30 percent of employees who use them to take time off for family needs. Many say this flexible schedule makes them eager to return to work after an absence, and the care and concern demonstrated by Silverado strengthens the feeling of family within the company.

This package of flexible, family-friendly practices has paid dividends at Silverado’s Aspen Park facility. Turnover and childcare-related tardiness and absenteeism have dropped since these policies were implemented. More importantly, however, the lives of employees as well as residents are enriched by the policies. The proof: Aspen Park recently received an 85 percent customer service satisfaction rating, and employee satisfaction ratings are the highest out of Silverado’s 14 communities.

"The Minnesota Psychological Association award process provides very valuable feedback for any company that understands the tremendous value of transforming the workplace into a truly great place to work."

Paul Grundy, MD, MPH
Well Being Director, West
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