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A Survey That Gets Results

British Columbia — In 2005, Westminster Savings Credit Union (WSCU) revamped its existing employee opinion survey to include a comprehensive process that engages the entire organization in its commitment to improve. Employees help develop and implement the survey, interpret the results and identify target areas for change.

Each November a survey committee is consulted to ensure employee input and participation. Focus groups enable employees and management to identify key work issues to incorporate into the survey. Peer liaisons from all branches and departments serve as ambassadors who facilitate two-way communication with their respective work groups.

Employees complete the anonymous online survey and can read and discuss the published survey results during work hours. WSCU provides a breakdown of results by department to facilitate the development of targeted action plans, a collaborative effort between employees, management and HR representatives. As these plans come together based on employee input from the survey, WSCU employees see their own priorities shape those of the organization.

For example, when WSCU employees cited communication, compensation and benefits, career development, and feedback and recognition as their top concerns, the organization responded by increasing employee contact with senior management through an executive blog and office visits, updating and publicizing job evaluation processes and developing new career-enrichment and peer-recognition programs. At the department level, individual managers implemented a variety of approaches to coaching, recognition and communication.

The enhanced survey process has ensured that WSCU stays focused on critical areas that can be prioritized and addressed immediately. A survey response rate of more than 85 percent has produced meaningful data for the organization to use. The 2006 employee survey produced favorable scores of 82 percent for job satisfaction, 85 percent for organizational image, 80 percent for work environment and 80 percent for supervision. Fully 91 percent of employees agreed they are proud to work for WSCU, while 82 percent affirmed their commitment to the organization as more than just a place to work. Through ongoing efforts to improve the organization, WSCU has found that listening to, acting on feedback from and maintaining its commitment to employees is well worth the investment.

"The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award was an excellent process, which provided us with invaluable information that will greatly assist us in moving forward with our initiatives in health, wellness, and safety. The bonus was that we won the award!"

Josie Ryan
Director of Health and Wellness
Northwoodcare Inc. and Northwood Homecare Ltd