APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Best Practice Honoree

The Awards

Fitting Wellness into the Workday

Illinois – As a comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation provider, ATI Physical Therapy knows that healthy employees drive a successful company. The ATI wellness center, in conjunction with its Get Fit wellness program, helps keep employees in top shape so they can deliver high-quality care.

ATI takes a continuous improvement approach to the processes it applies to patient care and strives to do the same for employees. In 2007, the company started Get Fit, an employee-led program that helps ATI staff meet their wellness goals through friendly competition. Participation in the program has increased each year since its inception, with the addition of a wellness center at the corporate office almost doubling participation. ATI also began providing screenings to increase health awareness among employees and encouraged them to enroll in the fitness program by discounting health insurance deductibles for participants.

Other wellness initiatives include a competition among employees for the healthiest recipe and a class on easy-to-prepare healthy meals is taught by an employee who is a former professional chef. ATI also removed high-fat, sugary treats and carbonated beverages from its vending machines and introduced a snack bar carrying only healthy foods. Employees report that they look forward to waking up each morning to work out, have improved their eating habits and feel more energetic.

ATI’s commitment to the well-being of employees not only improves health and productivity, it also helps to position the company as an employer of choice for years to come. ATI was honored as the #1 Physical Therapy Practice in the Nation by Advanced Rehabilitation Magazine in 2006 and has received numerous awards for its employment practices.

"Many of our organizational values focus on employees, with a goal of maximizing quality service to our community. This award illustrates our level of commitment to providing our employees with a healthy workplace, both physically and mentally."

Ed Everett
City Manager
Redwood City, CA