APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Best Practice Honorees

The Awards

2010 Best Practice Honors Program

Ten organizations were selected to receive the American Psychological Association’s 2010 Best Practices Honors. Launched in 2003, this national program recognizes companies for a single workplace program or policy that stands out for its facilitation of a psychologically healthy workplace. Special attention is given to workplace practices that are designed and implemented in a way that creatively meets the specific needs of the organization and its employees.

Nominees for this honor were selected from the pool of previous local Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners and submitted for consideration by the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the organization is located. Following a competitive evaluation and judging process, the top ten best practices were selected for recognition by the American Psychological Association.

2010 Best Practice Honorees

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Coaching for Commitment

Minnesota - When Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare grew 30 percent over a five-year period, this independent, not-for-profit hospital knew it would have to take a strategic approach to employee development. To build employees’ capabilities, Gillette rolled out a coaching program to teach managers, supervisors and HR professionals how to help employees discover creative solutions to complex and difficult situations. Read more

Bringing Values to Life

Florida - Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH), knows that mission statements and organizational values are more than just words or slogans. Following a change in leadership, this private, not-for-profit community health care system involved employees in the creation of new values and mission statements that helped change the organizational culture and became the core of a recovery plan to improve morale, reputation and financial viability and serve the community with pride. Read more

Staying Connected to Life Outside the Office

Michigan - This digital entertainment technology company understands the need for work-life balance. A key practice that helps define the Rovi culture is flexible scheduling and a generous amount of paid time off for employees. Within the entertainment industry, there is tremendous value in keeping people connected to their creative endeavors. Rovi’s focus is on solutions that enable people to discover and experience digital entertainment, so encouraging employees to enjoy their own lives outside of work is essential. Read more

Flex Scheduling Makes Everyone Smile

New Hampshire - Northeast Delta Dental (NEDD), an umbrella organization that provides dental benefits to individuals and companies in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, is responsive to employee needs, including their non-work demands. NEDD’s flexible work policy is environmentally friendly, saves money, makes employees happy and improves customer service. Read more

Promoting Quality Patient Care

Pennsylvania - Nursing accounts for a large segment of the staff at Memorial Hospital in York, and as such, the hospital has launched a professional development program that enhances employees’ ability to provide exceptional care. The “clinical ladder” program is one example of how investing in employees can lead to better patient care. Read more

Checking Employee Stress at the Door

Illinois - In 2009, Leaders Bank redesigned the employee stress management program it had developed and implemented in 2006, as staff shared the stress they were feeling over the economy. By focusing on employee well-being, the bank has been able to attract and retain a high quality professional staff that is well equipped to provide the personal service its customers expect. Read more

Planning for a Healthy, Productive Workforce

Nova Scotia - The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, a professional body responsible for regulating the Canadian province’s medical profession, strives to provide a work environment that encourages health and well-being. Employees are highly involved in the College’s healthy workplace initiative and in turn, reap its many rewards. Read more

Laying the Foundation for Employee Health

Alabama - American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) has cared for its employees, dependents and retirees since the early 1900s, and the company’s internal wellness program is an industry leader that delivers high participation rates and measurable results. Read more

Bringing Generations Together

British Columbia - Brookhaven Care Centre is part of the Canadian public health care system owned and operated by the Interior Health Authority. Brookhaven’s care philosophy encourages a thriving home-like environment in residential care, and the facility took it a step farther by creating the Lil’ Brooks Club, a program that allows employees’ children to join them at work and volunteer with the elderly residents, bringing generations together in a supportive and welcoming environment. Read more

Fitting Wellness into the Workday

Illinois - As a comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation provider, ATI Physical Therapy knows that healthy employees drive a successful company. The ATI wellness center, in conjunction with its Get Fit wellness program, helps keep employees in top shape so they can deliver high-quality care. Read more

"Receiving the National Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award is truly a confirmation of the many programs and services we have implemented over the years to address job-related satisfaction for our employees. We're very honored to receive this recognition."

Mark Richardson
President and CEO
Great River Health Systems