APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Best Practice Honorees

The Awards

2011 Best Practice Honors Program

Nine organizations were selected to receive the American Psychological Association’s 2011 Best Practices Honors. Launched in 2003, this national program recognizes companies for a single workplace program or policy that stands out for its facilitation of a psychologically healthy workplace. Special attention is given to workplace practices that are designed and implemented in a way that meets the specific needs of the organization and its employees.

Nominees for this honor were selected from the pool of previous local Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners and submitted for consideration by the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the organization is located. Following a competitive evaluation and judging process, the top ten best practices were selected for recognition by the American Psychological Association.

2011 Best Practice Honorees

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Planning for Performance

TennesseeFirst Horizon prides itself on putting its employees first, so establishing an effective performance management program was an essential step for this financial services company. With myPLAN, all employees have a clear path to their individual career goals. Read more

Endless Vacation

Pennsylvania – As an organization that creates health and wellness programs, eXude Benefits Group knows what it means to care for employees. A limitless vacation policy is one benefit that keeps eXude employees enthused and performing at their best. Read more

Focusing on Self-Care

Hawaii – Psychologically healthy workplace strategies are standard procedure at the Honolulu-based Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) Department of Psychology. Here, open communication, flexible work arrangements, innovative career development programs and a demonstrated commitment to health and fitness are paramount. One of the department’s most popular wellness endeavors is the Provider Resilience Program, more commonly known as “the yoga class.” Read more

Learning to Work Together

Ohio – At The University of Akron, officials practice what they teach in their classrooms. Fostering mutual respect is part of the agenda when educating and training students in any discipline, and the university’s Conflict Resolution Services program requires that employees work together to find equitable agreements that foster understanding of diverse perspectives. Read more

Ambassadors for Wellness

California – As a primary prevention agency dedicated to supporting healthy behaviors in the communities it serves, Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) can do nothing less for its employees. Its employee wellness program, Live Well: Healthy Working Families, strives to promote the pursuit of optimal health by employees and their families. Read more

Time Off for Good Behavior

Pennsylvania – Just as VisitPittsburgh works to show the public that Pittsburgh is a great place to visit, the company also strives to be a healthy place to work. Its Lifestyle Returns program encourages and rewards employees for taking personal responsibility for their well-being. Read more

Sending Employees Packing

Minnesota – At Harbinger Partners, an IT consulting firm, employee recognition is a year-round effort. Regular outings include football games, dinners and bowling. Each year, employees and their families spend a long weekend at a resort where they enjoy golfing, boating, horseback riding and spa treatments—completely hosted by the company. But it is Harbinger Partners’ popular anniversary program that recognizes long-term service in a unique way. Read more

Working Together to Weather the Storm

Minnesota – While nonprofit organizations across the country grappled with salary cuts, furloughs and layoffs to offset fiscal shortfalls, senior managers at the Minnesota Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society chose a different path. They turned to their staff for cost-cutting solutions—and reaped a wealth of dividends. Read more

An Impressive Set of Wellness Practices

Texas – When health care spending escalated, the City of Grand Prairie shifted its focus from cost containment to behavior change, with the idea that helping employees make healthier lifestyle choices would lower costs over time. To this end, the city launched a comprehensive set of offerings called Working on Wellness! (WOW!). Read more

"When you have a high level of employee involvement in regards to the decision-making and problem-solving; and, when employees know that they are not alone to deal with their personal issues; and, when they see opportunities to become healthier with their employer's help; then, that business will be able to count on its greatest resource, its employees."

Glenn McFadden
Executive Vice President of Operations
The Comporium Group