APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Best Practice Honorees

The Awards

2013 Best Practice Honors Program

Nine organizations were selected to receive the American Psychological Association’s 2013 Best Practices Honors. Launched in 2003, this national program recognizes companies for a single workplace program or policy that stands out for its facilitation of a psychologically healthy workplace. Special attention is given to workplace practices that are designed and implemented in a way that meets the specific needs of the organization and its employees.

Nominees for this honor were selected from the pool of previous local Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners and submitted for consideration by the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the organization is located. Following a competitive evaluation and judging process, the top nine best practices were selected for recognition by the American Psychological Association.

2013 Best Practice Honorees

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Fitter by Design

Hawaii – The Wellness Committee, a small employee group representing a cross-section of staff at the architectural and engineering firm Bowers + Kubota Consulting, has got some real muscle going for it. In creating Whip It!, short for the company’s Wellness and Health for the Individual Program, the committee has succeeded in tapping into the motivating power of fun. Read more

Rejuvenating on Company Time

Delaware – The critical nature of the work at Christiana Care Health System’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, an advanced cancer diagnosis and treatment facility within one of the nation’s largest health care systems, can take an emotional toll on staff. Sometimes, they just need to recharge, so they can come back reinvigorated and ready to continue their mission. To this end, the administration at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center’s Cancer Care Management Department sponsors a well-deserved annual employee retreat. Read more

In-House Health

Ohio – As a health care organization, Cleveland Clinic’s Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research —one of the largest and most comprehensive programs for Multiple Sclerosis care and research worldwide—takes a proactive role in its employees’ well- being. In 2008, the Clinic’s Employee Health Plan (EHP) implemented a long-term strategic program called Healthy Choice. The program has transformed the organization’s workplace culture into one that focuses on fitness and healthy behaviors. Read more

Heavy Lifting Made Lighter

Minnesota – Founded in 1881, St. Luke’s began in response to a typhoid epidemic. The hospital was initially located in a small room above a blacksmith’s shop adjacent to the local Episcopal Church. Today it operates a multi-specialty hospital and system of clinics throughout northern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Patient safety has always been a priority at St. Luke’s. Now employees, too, are avoiding common injuries thanks to a new hospital- wide program. Read more

Culture Shift

IllinoisTasty Catering, a family-owned business that provides food, entertainment and event planning to companies in the greater Chicago area, prides itself on its employee-generated, culture-driven leadership model. The principals have found that being open and responsive to staff input and suggestions creates a happy, productive workplace that runs like clockwork. Read more

The Total Package

ArkansasThe Harvest Group is a go-to-market partner to small- and medium-sized consumer packaged goods suppliers who want to grow their business at “big-box” discount retailers. With The Harvest Group’s rapid growth came the difficulty of maintaining the small company culture that had served it so well. So in 2010, it implemented company-wide strategy teams as forums where all employees, at every level, can be heard. Read more

Resiliency Training

HawaiiTripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) is the only federal tertiary care hospital in the Pacific Basin. It serves local active-duty and retired military personnel, along with their families and veteran beneficiaries. In response to the dangers of compassion fatigue and burnout, TAMC developed resiliency training for all staff members. Ultimately, the program has shown that what’s good for the staff turns out to be even better for patients. Read more

Healthy Together

Puerto Rico – As the leading managed care company in Puerto Rico, Triple-S reaches about 30 percent of the territory’s population. In 1994, at the company’s first annual health fair for its employees, Triple-S learned that staff members were suffering from several common health conditions that weren’t being treated. Triple-S then established its now-renowned wellness program to give every employee the means, motive and opportunity for a healthier and more balanced life. Read more

One-Stop Wellness

California – When the University of Southern California (USC) first opened its doors in Los Angeles in 1880, the town lacked paved streets, electricity and automobiles. Today, as the largest private employer in the area, USC is home to more than 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students, nearly 3,200 full-time faculty and a world-class academic medical center that serves more than a million patients each year. Opening the Center for Work and Family Life 33 years ago solidified USC’s reputation as an institution that takes care of its own. Read more

"When you have a high level of employee involvement in regards to the decision-making and problem-solving; and, when employees know that they are not alone to deal with their personal issues; and, when they see opportunities to become healthier with their employer's help; then, that business will be able to count on its greatest resource, its employees."

Glenn McFadden
Executive Vice President of Operations
The Comporium Group