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Wellness at Work

Arizona – As an association representing human resource professionals, WorldatWork strives to practice what it preaches when it comes to creating the best work environment for employees and the organization. Prevention is a priority at the WorldatWork Headquarters and by involving employees, this organization is leading the way to a healthy, productive workforce.

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Employee Involvement

WorldatWork’s “Total Rewards” strategy uses compensation, benefits, work-life effectiveness, performance and recognition, and development and career opportunities to attract, motivate and retain employees. The organization conducts surveys to determine benefits and resources of value to employees. Even vending machine selections are based on employee feedback. By listening and then taking action, WorldatWork shows employees it values their opinions.

An open-door policy and personal visit by the president as part of new employee orientation sends the message of inclusion from day one. “WorldatPlay” is a volunteer committee for social events that fosters openness and camaraderie. The WorldatWork health and wellness team organizes wellness seminars, educational webinars, on-site fitness and yoga classes and even chooses the fruit that will accompany the educational handout employees receive monthly.

Health and Safety

As a health-oriented organization, WorldatWork naturally developed a wellness program for its own employees. “WellnessatWork” encompasses various components, including individual and group coaching, weight management, wellness days and lunchtime seminars. WorldatWork supports wellness with weekly on-site yoga and strength conditioning classes, a fruit-of-the-month program, support groups and educational meetings on a variety of health topics.

WorldatWork offers benefits including EAP services, a 24-hour health line, massages, on-site yoga and aerobics. The company intranet is a robust source of information including environmentally friendly practices, health and safety tips and strategies for safe travel. Contests motivate employees with incentives like gift certificates and prizes and each quarter a “Wellness STAR” is awarded to an employee who made a life change to embrace healthy behaviors in the office and at home.

Annual voluntary health assessments cover basic blood work, cholesterol checks, fitness tests and wellness goals. Participating employees walk away with $20 cash and a confidential results sheet. On-site flu and pneumonia vaccinations are offered annually and each fall women over 39 can get a mammogram during the workday with a mobile lab in the WorldatWork parking lot. Every other year, executive-level employees are eligible to undergo company-subsidized comprehensive health assessments.

Employee Growth and Development

Employees are provided opportunities to grow and develop, whether it’s through mentoring or continuing their education with the aid of the tuition reimbursement program. Organization-wide succession planning and regular status meetings with supervisors to set goals and develop individualized professional development plans help employees prepare for a successful future at WorldatWork.

An on-site Toastmasters group, professional association membership reimbursement and regular seminars help employees grow professionally. Employees can take advantage of personal development sessions on money management, debt reduction and other financial issues, as well as opportunities to work on cross-functional teams or take part in the annual “Total Rewards Conference.”

Work-Life Balance

WorldatWork has become increasingly flexible about where and when people work. Office hours are modified during summer months, so staff can enjoy early departures on Fridays and WorldatWork retains employees who need to relocate by enabling them to work remotely through full-time virtual work arrangements.

WorldatWork’s practice-what-you-preach philosophy is evident in the non-work support arena as well. “National Work & Family Month” celebrations each October, privacy rooms, pet insurance and family activities help keep employees balanced, so they are able to make the most out of the time they spend in the office and enjoy their lives outside of work.

Employee Recognition

WorldatWork employees are recognized individually and collectively at all levels. The leadership team regularly thanks employees for their contributions and the president and CFO also recognize employees through their internal blogs. There are weekly, monthly and annual recognition awards and outstanding employees are highlighted on the intranet.

Employees themselves are encouraged to recognize their co-workers. “Keys to Success” is an award for teamwork, innovation and customer service, and bonuses and gift cards are awarded to employees who exceed expectations. Year-end reviews, evaluations and bonuses all reflect employees’ contributions and accomplishments, and personal milestones are also recognized and celebrated among peers.

The Bottom Line

WorldatWork meets the needs of its employees by providing a healthy, supportive and flexible work environment. Thanks to the many opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors, employees have decreased body mass (2 percent), cholesterol (11 percent), blood pressure (5 percent) and glucose (11 percent). WorldatWork’s wellness programs also effectively reduce absenteeism and improve morale. In 2008, employee turnover was a low 11 percent and employee survey results show high marks for satisfaction, commitment, work-life balance and management support.

WorldatWork does more than just talk about equal opportunity. Seventy-two percent of employees are female, as are 56 percent of employees in the top-fifth pay group, 64 percent of all managers, 9 out of the 15 members of the board and 76 percent of employees who were promoted in 2007. Through its commitment to creating healthy, high-performing workplaces, WorldatWork helps improve the quality of work-life for its staff, members and employees worldwide.

"Secunda Marine and it's employees are honored to have been recognized by the American Psychological Association as a company that promotes a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. Positive recognition such as this confirms that Secunda and it's employees are headed in the right direction by continually striving to be a Psychologically Healthy Workplace."

Steve Widmeyer
Manager, Human Resources
Secunda Marine Services Ltd.