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Large For-Profit Category

Teledyne Brown Engineering

New Heights in Organization-Wide Wellness

AlabamaTeledyne Brown Engineering, an engineering company that provides services for space, defense, environmental and homeland security programs across the nation, takes pride in its talented workforce. Employees know they can depend on Teledyne Brown to help them find and implement solutions that foster a healthy, productive and balanced life.

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Employee Involvement

Teledyne Brown Engineering takes employee opinions seriously and strives to involve employees in decision-making processes. Teledyne Brown encourages employees to submit ideas electronically through the employee suggestion box. The comments are carefully reviewed and employees receive monetary rewards for those cost-saving strategies that are implemented. At quarterly “Presidential Communication Meetings” the Teledyne Brown president invites groups of employees to have lunch and discuss issues, voice their concerns and make requests. Information about these meetings is then disseminated to all employees, so everyone can stay in the communication loop.

Health and Safety

Teledyne Brown is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees. The company’s wellness program has been in place for more than 20 years and encompasses physical, psychological, social and spiritual health. The program is linked to Teledyne Brown’s business plan as a strategy to help manage healthcare costs and also serves as a recruitment and retention tool. Employees have access to EAP services, an on-site fitness center, group exercise and yoga and wellness classes, as well as smoking cessation and weight management programs. Additional offerings include health screenings, flu shots, nursing services and health risk appraisals. Employees who achieve their health goals are eligible to receive cash rewards.

Teledyne Brown uses multiple channels of communication to spread the message of wellness to staff. Posters, staff meetings, the company intranet, electronic bulletins, bi-monthly status reports and quarterly company newsletters all support a culture of health and wellness. Teledyne Brown also has a comprehensive environmental, health and safety program to facilitate compliance with OSHA, EPA, local, state and federal regulations. Numerous safety procedures and a company safety manual were developed and implemented as a part of this program to help keep the workplace accident and injury free.

Employee Growth and Development

Teledyne Brown offers employees various opportunities for training and professional development. The company matches junior employees with senior-level managers through a mentoring program that encourages the transfer of job knowledge. The goal of the “Young Professionals Management Development Program” is to identify employees with high-potential management talent and provide development activities to prepare them for long-term success. Additionally, leadership development courses, seminars
and career counseling are offered to all employees.

Teledyne Brown firmly believes that lifelong learning is the key to success and supports employees who take job-related continuing education courses and training. The company utilizes online learning platforms and programs can be accessed directly from an employee’s desktop, laptop or home computer. Employees have the opportunity to participate in Teledyne Brown’s “Educational Assistance Program,” which covers undergraduate and graduate tuition at several public colleges and universities, as well as 50 percent of the cost of textbooks.

Work-Life Balance

Teledyne Brown offers numerous benefits to help employees balance work and life demands, such as vacation, holiday and sick leave, fl ex and comp time, job sharing and telecommuting. Company-sponsored athletic teams and an on-site recreational park with basketball and tennis courts, a softball field and playground provide opportunities for employees to stay active. On-site child care helps employees manage one of the many demands of family life and a series of classes on eldercare provides support for those caring for their aging family members. A company store and full-service on-site cafeteria and on-site barber shop offer additional convenience.

Employee Recognition

Teledyne Brown has a long history of showing appreciation to employees for their contributions to the organization. Monetary awards are given to recognize employees for their years of service and four different annual achievement awards are bestowed upon the support, technical, administrative and engineer/scientist employees of the year. The “Fellows Program” recognizes individuals who have made outstanding lifetime contributions or achievements in the fields of engineering and science and the “President’s Award for Excellence Program” recognizes outstanding performance on a particular job assignment or task.

The annual company picnic offers up food, music and games for family enjoyment in Teledyne Brown’s recreation area and employees’ children eagerly await the yearly Easter egg hunt. Teledyne Brown holds an annual pancake breakfast to show employee appreciation and gives out gift cards each December as a special thanks. The holiday party brings employees together for a night of dinner, dancing and door prizes.

The Bottom Line

Teledyne Brown is committed to programs and policies that foster a psychologically healthy workplace and has received numerous awards for its workplace practices. In a 2007 survey, employees rated the company’s wellness program as the highest area of employee satisfaction and employee health improvements are a clear sign that the program is working. In 2007, 65 percent of employees screened had normal cholesterol levels, up from 46 percent in 2005. Awareness campaigns, wellness classes and weight loss challenges at Teledyne Brown have all contributed to these health improvements.

With a 34 percent reduction in absenteeism, the results of Teledyne Brown’s efforts extend well beyond health outcomes. Additionally, employees who participate in the wellness program use a third fewer sick days than those who don’t participate. Teledyne Brown has learned through experience that providing a workplace that fosters health and wellness benefits both the employee and the organization.

"Emory University is honored to have received this award. It personifies the 'contributory excellence' of Emory. We strive to be an employer committed to the good health and well-being of each member of the campus community."

Susie Lackey
Employee Council President
Emory University