APA Center for Organizational Excellence: National Winner

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Medium For-Profit Category

ReMed Recovery Care Centers

Supporting Every Journey

Pennsylvania – Since its founding in 1984, ReMed Recovery Care Centers has provided exceptional and innovative rehabilitation and treatment to individuals with brain injuries. ReMed’s unique organizational culture encourages a high level of engagement in the workplace along with a commitment to employees’ professional development.

Employee Involvement

ReMed is proof positive that maintaining a nurturing workplace inspires employees to be actively engaged. To this end, the organization regularly offers employees a multitude of choices to develop their skills and enhance the lives of clients they serve. Across the organization, the activities available to employees help broaden their level of contribution, enhance their appreciation of industry best practices and apply their knowledge in new ways.

At ReMed, employees can take part in various committees to make sure their voices are heard. Work groups include ethics, research, quality assurance and The Delta Team, which is dedicated to improving internal processes. Employees have also found that less formal activities, such as writing for the organizational newsletter, representing ReMed at local job fairs and teaching about their area of expertise at new-hire orientations are personally rewarding.

Health and Safety

ReMed is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for its employees. ReMed’s health and safety committee, the Human Resources department and management collaborate in developing and modifying safety policies and procedures, conducting emergency response drills, implementing safety training and awareness programs and completing safety inspections to proactively identify and address potential risks.

The organization provides first aid and CPR training programs, free flu shots, onsite stress-management workshops and fitness facilities as well as discounted gym memberships. Healthy lifestyle and wellness tips are regularly sent via email and included in the organization’s newsletter.

Employee Growth and Development

To ensure that all employees have the opportunity to learn and grow, ReMed emphasizes organizational core competencies, career planning and employee advancement. Core-competency benchmarks for each position and an internal career map help employees create and modify their own development plans that they review with their managers annually. The organization’s system of aligning competency development with career choices helps employees make the most of the performance feedback and personalized career coaching they receive.

Through ReMed’s Addendum Program, employees can pursue specialized training and perform additional job duties that allow them to earn additional income and build skills that support their long-term goals (see Employees Learn While They Earn). Employees routinely take part in ReMed’s trainings, participate on advocacy boards and present and publish research on brain injury.

Work-Life Balance

ReMed recognizes that employees are better able to meet work demands when their personal needs are fulfilled. When it comes to work-life balance, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. ReMed’s worklife programs acknowledge that employee needs are unique to the individual and that those needs can change over time. As such, employees choose how best to manage their work obligations and personal lives without having to sacrifice long-term career plans or professional development. ReMed’s work-life programs include flexible work arrangements, paid personal, vacation, holiday and sick days, bereavement leave, leaves of absence and access to free counseling services for a variety of work-life issues. A casual work environment, onsite seminars and a lending library of resource materials also help employees juggle the various aspects of their lives.

Employee Recognition

ReMed actively rewards individuals who display outstanding performance, provide exceptional customer service and foster leadership by exemplifying the organization’s mission and guiding principles. To recognize staff members and teams in a manner that is both personal and meaningful, ReMed uses a wide variety of rewards such as gift cards, gift certificates, team lunches, dinners, movie tickets and organization-sponsored events. ReMed’s executive management team is also quick to offer a word of thanks and, at times, even provides lunch for employees. To reinforce teamwork, ReMed has a pin board at each location where employees can recognize each other for going above and beyond. Certificates of Appreciation and “Staff Makes a Difference” awards are granted through an internal nomination process, and service awards are presented to employees, marking each five-year period of employment with a certificate and gift.

The Bottom Line

ReMed has a mission, vision and culture that promotes employee engagement. The organization makes it a point to promote from within, placing an emphasis on cultivating internal talent for key roles in the organization. Employees’ high level of enthusiasm is achieved through extensive orientation and a strong training program, as well as by regularly revisiting each employee’s individual development plan. In a recent survey, 90 percent of employees indicated they were proud to work for the organization. ReMed differentiates itself from the pack by fostering a cohesive team that is devoted to the values of diversity, integrity and honesty.

"This is not pie in the sky; this is about the bottom line. Building psychologically healthy workplaces isn't just the right thing to do, it's also the smart thing to do."

The Honorable Alexis M. Herman
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor