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The Awards

APA's 2014 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

Four organizations were selected to receive the American Psychological Association’s 2014 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. These employers have implemented a comprehensive set of workplace practices that foster employee well-being and enhance organizational performance. These organizations represent the very best from among the award winners recognized by our affiliated state, provincial and territorial psychological associations.

Nominees for APA’s award were selected from the pool of previous local Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners and submitted for consideration by the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the company is located. Following a competitive evaluation and judging process, the top candidates were selected for recognition by the American Psychological Association.

2014 Winners

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Small For-Profit Category

Illinois – In 2006, Chicago-area Tasty Catering switched from a command- and-control management hierarchy to a culture-based leadership model. An employee-run council developed company culture statements articulating core values, a core purpose and other key concepts that are posted in English and Spanish throughout company premises. Tasty Catering’s strong culture has eliminated the need for managers and concentrates on building leaders instead. Read more

Small Not-for-Profit Category

OhioCertified Angus Beef (CAB) stands out in the community and the industry through its robust employee programs, incentives and development opportunities. This has resulted in employee referrals, a plethora of high-quality applicants, a reduction in sick time and very low turnover rates. Corporate programs that simultaneously serve both employee interests and the bottom line mean financial prosperity, good health and a sense of well-being for all concerned. Simply stated, CAB has built a win-win situation with its employees. Read more

Large Not-for-Profit Category

Minnesota – As a hospital, St. Luke’s scores off the charts in employee retention, job satisfaction, health and morale because all who work there have an active say in the policies that affect them and their patients. Low turnover rates, high productivity, an average employee tenure of 11 years, workforce stability and an outstanding safety record all make St. Luke’s an attractive place to work for dedicated healthcare professionals. Read more

Government/Military/Educational Institution Category

CaliforniaThe University of Southern California (USC) is renowned for its academic excellence, world-class medical, dental, business and cinematic arts schools, hospitals and legendary Trojan football team. The university is a leader in other ways, too – in nurturing and supporting its faculty and staff and its exemplary service to the Greater Los Angeles community. Read more

"A psychologically healthy workplace is the result of comprehensive employee programs which provide a supportive, collaborative environment for innovation and business success. "

Craig R. Paeprer
Director of Operations
IBM Research Division