APA Center for Organizational Excellence: APA's Organizational Excellence Award & Winners

The Awards

APA's Organizational Excellence Award

APA Organizational Excellence Award

This national-level recognition, given to a single company each year, is designed to highlight the effective application of psychology in the workplace — whether addressing mental health, applying good behavioral science to safety practices, using learning theory to strengthen training efforts, or a host of other ways that psychology can promote well-being and performance.

2015 Winner – American Express

APA selected American Express as the inaugural winner of its new Organizational Excellence Award, a national recognition designed to highlight the effective application of psychology in the workplace. Through its Healthy Minds program, American Express has taken broad steps to integrate behavioral health and emotional well-being into its health and wellness offerings, including expanding its employee assistance program, addressing stigma and providing a wealth of resources for employees. These efforts are bolstered by a powerful blend of peer-reviewed science, evidence-based practices, professional partnerships for quality resources and services, pilot testing and rigorous evaluation to deliver the best and broadest range of resources and information to its geographically and culturally diverse workforce. Read More

"We have always known that the key to our success is the way we care about our fellow workers. Winning this award is a welcome confirmation that we are on the right track."

Ken Golder
Holiday Inn River Centre