APA Center for Organizational Excellence: Event Details: NAWHC 6th Annual Forum: Creating and Expanding Worksite Clinics


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September 6, 2018

NAWHC 6th Annual Forum: Creating and Expanding Worksite Clinics

The forum is NAWHC’s national event with sessions primarily for employers currently offering onsite, near-site and shared worksite health and wellness centers. There will also be speakers for employers who are just exploring this benefit strategy. The program is co-hosted by the Business Health Care Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Topics will include:

  • How to increase engagement and utilization of the health center
  • How to measure the clinical, financial and satisfaction outcomes of your center
  • How to provide behavioral health screening and treatment services
  • Results of the NAWHC-Mercer national worksite clinic benchmarking survey on clinic services and operations
  • Clinic Vendors: How they compare and what questions to ask before contracting with one
  • How to integrate telemedicine and other technology to expand health center value and services

Participants will also receive two free passes to the Harley Davidson Museum.

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Harley-Davidson Museum

Milwaukee, WI