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Whatever happened to all the free time we were supposed to have, once technology enabled us to be more productive with less effort? The leisure culture that was supposed to emerge? I ask myself this as I’m writing a blog at two o’clock in the morning and thinking about the podcast interview I have scheduled next week. For some reason, I also can’t get that New York Times article out of my head about the stress of posting being hazardous to some bloggers’ health. 

For all its intrusion into our every waking moment, I have to admit, technology really does have its advantages. Over the past few years, we’ve been working diligently to build an infrastructure for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program that would reduce administrative burden, automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, broaden our reach, provide a variety of communication mechanisms to fit the needs and preferences of a diverse audience, and allow us to continue to develop the program.

I’ve been pleased to see our ideas come to fruition. In addition to now being able to accept online applications for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards, we have a host of resources available to help organizations and their employees thrive:

  • A database of more than 1,300 article summaries related to employee health and well-being and organizational performance 
  • A calendar of Upcoming Events, including conferences and other learning opportunities from a variety of disciplines 
  • Our Good Company e-newsletter 

and now, our most recent additions:

We hope that you’ll explore these resources, let us know what issues are important to your organization and share your own experience.



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