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The Force is Strong with This One

People Management just published an article Police HR ‘needs to upgrade to survive’ that warns HR departments to add value to police work or risk being budgeted out in the current economic climate.

While a police department might not be the first type of employer you think of as creating a healthy work environment, there are some law enforcement agencies that are doing just that.

In 2008, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) received the Ontario Psychological Association's provincial-level Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award for its efforts to promote employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and earlier this year, TPS was presented with a Best Practices Honor from the American Psychological Association for the way it handles its selection process for promotions.

Read more about about the promotional interview process and be sure to check out the profile of TPS psychologist, Dr. Carol Vipari to learn about how TPS demonstrates its dedication to serving and protecting the members of its force and the people of Toronto.

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