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You, We and Simplicity: Three Themes for Successful Health Communications

Couldn't make it to our Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference in Washington, DC earlier this month? In the coming months, we'll be bringing you highlights, select content and other assorted goodies here on the Good Company Blog, as well as in our e-newsletter and podcast.

Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for additional updates and special content.

Below, you'll find the first release from the conference -- a session on communication strategies for promoting and supporting workplace wellness that was presented by Fran Melmed, owner of context communication consulting, and Michelle James, health communication manager for Intel.

The program explores what it takes to create a culture of wellness in the workplace. Topics include what makes a message connect, how we can support individual behavior change on a mass scale, where the fun is and why we should embrace a powerful new communication tool: social media. Check it out...

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