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Employee Attraction and Recruitment: What is Important for Today’s Workforce

What aspect would be the most important if you were looking for a new job today? This is the question we posted in our recent poll. Almost half (45%) of the respondents answered that pay and benefits would be most important, followed by flexible work options (26%) and then company culture (25%).


Compensation has consistently been in first place on employee satisfaction surveys (SHRM, 2007). Nevertheless, on a previous survey of job seekers (December, 2009) developed by Right Management, career prospects appeared as the first factor (40%), followed by work-life balance (21%)
 and innovative company culture (15%), competitive compensation and benefits was in the fourth position (12%), while good rapport with manager came in last (8%). At the same time, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported recently that employees are reporting cutbacks in this area.

It may be that the economic environment has increased the importance of this factor for job seekers.  Nevertheless, it is important to remember that prospective employees fitness with the organizational culture is an important factor for the new employee success.

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