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How Do You Know If Your Work Is Effective?


You know you are doing something right when people start talking about how great you are!

When I came across a blog about a family from Ohio visiting the zoo, it took a second glance to see the relevance. This is from the Hazard family: “…we decided to check out the Columbus Zoo which received the very prestigious Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award [from the Ohio Psychological Association].”

How cool is it to realize that the work you do affects people on different levels? For employees, a psychologically healthy workplace is great – turnover stats support that. Our PHWA winners also tout how much people really want to work for them and the number of applicants they get for each job opening. Being an employer of choice is one of the many benefits a psychologically healthy workplace enjoys. In this case, a family considered the fact that the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium won the local-level award to be important enough to actually go there! That makes me feel like people do get it. They see why a psychologically healthy workplace is important and they want to be a part of it.

Ok, maybe the wildlife had something to do with it.

Photo Credit: G. Jones / Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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