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Labor Day weekend is over. Schools are open and pools are closed, but the contributions of American workers continue. In the spirit of recognizing employees who promote and support the well-being of others, here is our favorite August submission from our I Love My Job campaign...

Dana Decker, a Registered Respiratory Therapist at North Central Health Care - Northwinds Vent Community in Wausau, WI, says helping people with advanced chronic respiratory needs maintain a high quality of life and the facility's family-oriented setting make it a great place to work.

I love working in an environment that promotes patients' well being," said Dana. "Even though on ventilators, our patients live their lives to the fullest, and thrive." She added, "I feel as if going to work is like going home to spend time with family. How lucky am I?"

We launched our I Love My Job campaign in February to highlight the positive aspects of work. Each month, we feature submissions on our social media pages and recognize the person who submits our favorite entry with some special treats to share with his or her co-workers.

What do you love about your job? Let us know.

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