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Congratulations to APA's 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners

View photos from APA's 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

Values matter. When a team shares values, it generally performs better, with employees who are engaged and committed to the organization’s success and leaders who strive to create a positive work environment where employees can thrive.

The uncertainty of health care reform and its implications for the future of employer-sponsored health insurance, as well as provisions in the Affordable Care Act that allow for increased use of incentives and premium differentials to drive health behavior change, have amplified the volume of employers who are beating the drum of “personal responsibility” when it comes to workplace health and productivity.

While the value of employees who are invested in their own well-being cannot be overstated, expecting them to make significant and sustainable behavior changes without the necessary resources and support is unrealistic and serves as nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at cost shifting. Just as shared values can help foster performance and success, shared responsibility for creating a psychologically healthy workplace promotes an organizational culture in which employer and employee look out for each other’s best interests. With this approach, individual health improvement efforts get better results, because they are supported by the larger system and organizational-level practices are more effective, because they are consistent with, and driven by, individual behaviors.

To showcase employers who value employee well-being and understand its link to organizational performance, APA recently presented its 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards (PHWAs) and Best Practices Honors. The four PHWA winners described here reported an average turnover rate of just 6 percent in 2012—significantly less than the national average of 38 percent, as estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor.

In surveys completed by the winning organizations, on average, fewer than one in five employees (19 percent) reported experiencing chronic work stress, compared to 35 percent nationally, and 84 percent of employees said they were satisfied with their job, versus 67 percent in the general population. Additionally, 77 percent of employees said they would recommend their organization to others as a good place to work compared to 57 percent, and only 11 percent said they intend to seek employment elsewhere within the next year, compared to almost three times as many (31 percent) nationally.

It will come as no surprise that in our award-winning organizations, an average of 80 percent of employees say their values and those of their employer are very similar, compared to just 50 percent nationally. We congratulate our winners and hope that sharing their stories inspires others to work together for a healthy and prosperous future.

View photos from the 2013 awards event.

Photo Credit: Larry Canner Photography

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