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Having a Ball After the Award Ceremony

The award ceremony may have been a formal affair, but the tone of this year’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards reception was set by the guy in a giant blue stress ball costume who bounced his way into the party and kept the crowd entertained with free hugs and photo ops. Everyone wanted to know, “Who is this guy?”

As you can see in the video “Putting the Squeeze on Work Stress” which features the stress ball interviewing people on the street about their work experiences, for him, job security is not an issue. “There’s always going to be stress, so I’m always going to be employed,” he says.

The stress ball dispenser was also center stage at the reception and a big hit with the kiddos and the young at heart. Check out photos from the reception by clicking the image, below.

View photos from the 2013 awards reception

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