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The Modern Skill Set Employees Need to Succeed, But Few Have


What modern skills are critical to employee success, on and off the job? Perhaps networking, negotiation and personal financial management come to mind.

But there’s another skill that should be on the top of the list, and probably isn’t.

Helping employees manage the way work fits into their lives, day-to-day and at major life transitions, deliberately and with intention, is a modern skill set everyone needs, but few have.

Twenty years ago, clocks and walls used to tell us when work ended and the other parts of our life began. As technology and globalization expanded, those boundaries disappeared, but the way we talk about, think about and decide where to put our time and energy remain stuck in 1985.

Today, many employers offer more flexibility in how, when and where people can do their jobs. But with that increased work flexibility comes responsibility.

An employee may be able to work from home periodically, but a boss can’t tap them on the shoulder and say, “Why don’t you telecommute one day a week. Avoid the long train ride, get to the gym, and have dinner with your family.” The individual has to make those “tweaks”—small changes with big impact—happen.

The same is true at major life transitions like having a child, caring for an aging adult, going back to school, or wanting to work in what used to be called “retirement.” Your people may have the flexibility to officially reset the way work fits into their life, but they need to initiate that conversation, create the plan, and then collaborate, communicate and coordinate to make it work.

Whether it’s putting up boundaries to make what matters to us happen every day, or creating a plan to formally reset our work+life fit at a major life transition, each person needs to take the lead. But, again, unfortunately most people don’t know how. Until now.

In my session at the upcoming Work & Well-Being Conference in Chicago, “Work+Life Fit Skills for Employee Success, On and Off the Job,” I will share the simple, commonsense solutions found in my books, the just released TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day (Center Street/Hachette) and Work+Life: Find the Fit That’s Right for You (Riverhead/Penguin Group). You can catch an even more in-depth session at my pre-conference training at the San Francisco conference this fall.

I’ve developed these field-tested strategies over twenty years in the work+life trenches helping hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals partner for flexible work success. They show your people how to take the lead, capture the work flexibility available, partner with the organization and create a work+life fit that meets their needs and the needs of their job, day-to-day and throughout their career.

It's time to add work+life “fit” to the list of modern skills employees need to succeed, on and off the job.

How do you help your employees flexibly manage the fit between their work and life?

To learn more, go to our site, my blog and our Tweak It Community. You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

Cali Williams Yost has been pioneering ways to manage work and life in the new economy for nearly two decades. As a consultant, speaker, and CEO and founder of Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit--and one of Mashable’s Top 14 Career Experts on Twitter--she shows organizations and individuals how to partner for award-winning flexible work success.

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