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Managing Teleworkers


Flexibility in the how, when and where employees work is not just a perk for working parents – it’s smart business strategy. However, having a policy that allows employees to work remotely doesn’t always incorporate training for managers who may not know how to manage employees virtually.

How is managing employees remotely different than when they are in the office?

How do you navigate the dizzying array of tools and communication technology programs available?

How do you hold employees accountable for their work if they aren’t actually in the office?

What best practices and guidelines exist outside your organization that you could use?

These are just a few questions managers may have when their inclination is to support employees working remotely, but they may not necessarily have the skill set required to manage them. Here are a few resources, geared toward employers and managers, to get started, along with some popular business press articles that show the increasing coverage telework has been getting lately.

Our Communication Technology survey highlights the importance of helping employees manage electronic communications and the “always on” aspect of work, but most of the telework resources on our site are geared toward the employee instead of the manager. We did a little digging, though, and found some additional resources that may be helpful.

Set Up Remote Workers to Thrive

Remote Work: An Examination of Current Trends and Emerging Issues

Preparing for a new era of work

Managing a Remote Workforce: Proven Practices from Successful Leaders

Managing In a Flexible Work Environment

Books on Managing Teleworkers

Remote: Office Not Required

The Distance Manager: A Hands On Guide to Managing Off-Site Employees and Virtual Teams

Managing Telework: Strategies for Managing the Virtual Workforce

Managing the Telecommuting Employee: Set Goals, Monitor Progress, and Maximize Profit and Productivity

The Virtual Manager: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Hiring, Managing, Motivating, and Engaging Mobile Employees

Miscellaneous Resources and Popular Press Articles

A variety of resources can be found on: globalworkplaceanalytics.com

4 Things You Need to Know About Managing a Remote Team

Work From Anywhere: 4 Tips to Manage Remote Employees

How To Build (And Sustain) A Remote Workforce

Tips For Transitioning An Office-Based Company To Remote Work

4 Essential Tips for Managing Telecommuters

Bosses without borders: Essential tools for managing remote workers

What resources do you recommend that are geared towards helping management lead employees virtually? Please share by leaving a comment below or letting us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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