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Helping Others Perform at Their Best -- One More Reason to Love Your Job

Each February, we host our I Love My Job campaign to highlight the positive aspects of work.

We feature submissions on our social media pages and recognize the person who submits our favorite entry each week with some special treats to share with his or her co-workers.

Here is our favorite submission from last week...

Bill Gentry, a research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership, says...

About 60 percent of people who are leading for the first time never get any training, never get any development, never get any support in organizations. My job, and what I love doing, is finding out using research: What are the challenges these first-time managers are having? What are the skill gaps that they have? How can we help these people who are managing for the first time be the best that they can be?

What do you love about your job? Making a difference, working with fantastic colleagues, feeling proud of the organization you work for, having great benefits, something else? Let us know. Tell us in writing or send us a video. Help us spread the love and you might even be the next person featured!

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