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Dogs, Trust, Flexibility: All Reasons To Love a Job


Every February, we host "I Love My Job" to highlight the positive aspects of work. We're receiving great submissions from people who are telling us the reasons they love their job.

We're featuring the best submissions each week here, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. The person or team who provides our favorite entry for the week receives some special treats to share with his or her co-workers.

Send us your "I love my job" story or submission

Here is our favorite submission from last week, sent in by Alena Callaghan, a senior manager for marketing operations at Opower, an enterprise software company in Arlington, Va., that helps utilities elevate the customer experience (including saving energy.)

Why do I love my job? Let me list the ways...

dog at work.jpg
  • The Arlington office is dog-friendly. I don't have a dog of my own, so I'm able to get my puppy fix by playing with my coworkers' pooches.
  • We're treated like adults. We all have the capability to telework thanks to company-issued laptops, and I'm able to flex my hours to take care of deliveries, appointments and more. My managers trust me to get my work done without requiring me to clock in at a specific time.
  • Management listens to our concerns. There are regular Q&As with the management healthy pantry.jpgwhere we can submit anonymous, public questions through slide.do. When several people raised concerns about lack of diversity, they formed a committee to come up with concrete plans, such as having a consultant come in to one of the company meetings to teach about unconscious bias.
  • The pantry is filled with delicious, free, healthy(!) food: avocados, fresh fruit & veggies, ice cream, granola, and more.
  • There's plenty of room for growth and learning. I'm able to attend conferences, sign up for online training, and create a development plan to advance in my career.
  • We help the earth. One of the major benefits of our software is that energy users are able to save energy... over 9 million kilowatt hours and counting (enough to power every home in New Mexico for a year!)

Thanks, Alena, for your submission. Look for an office delivery next week of special treats as our appreciation for helping to spread the love.

What do you love about your job? Making a difference, working with fantastic colleagues, feeling proud of the organization you work for, having great benefits, something else? Let us know. Tell us in writing or send us a photo or video. Help us spread the love and you might even be the next person featured!

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