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Looking for that perfect gift for a colleague or just want to stuff your own stocking with some knowledge? These books from our suggested reading lists are a great way to spread holiday cheer, or strengthen your own efforts to promote employee well-being and organizational performance.

Selections include new releases, best-of-class reference texts and essential resources for business executives, consultants, HR and wellness professionals and psychologists who work with organizations. 

Titles and descriptions come from both the APA Center for Organizational Excellence’s Amazon Associates Store and APA Books.

Make Your Workplace Psychologically Healthy in 2017

Our own book is the place to start for an overview of what it means to have a "psychologically healthy" workplace, and how to create and maintain one. In "The Psychologically Healthy Workplace: Building a Win-Win Environment for Organizations and Employees," top experts and scholars focus on the complex interplay between employee and organizational outcomes across five key intervention areas. The book blends research with real-life examples of how psychology can improve the lives of employees and help business thrive.

Managing Employees Who Telecommute or Work Remotely

Flexibility in the how, when and where employees work is not just a perk for working parents – it’s smart business strategy. However, having a policy that allows employees to work remotely doesn’t guarantee success. Supervisors need to learn the skills necessary to manage employees virtually — which is where this list of suggested readings comes in handy.

Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can have serious repercussions for employees and the organization alike. By promoting a psychologically healthy workplace and taking steps to prevent and address negative workplace behaviors, employers can create a work environment where employees and the organization thrive. This list of suggested readings on workplace bullying can help.

Employee Wellness and Health Promotion

Health and wellness initiatives maximize the physical and mental health of employees through the prevention, assessment and treatment of potential health risks and problems and by encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyle and behavior choices. This selection of books focuses on employee wellness and health promotion, with volumes that explore theory, implementation and best practices.

Work-Life and Flexibility

Conflict between work and other life responsibilities can diminish the quality of both work and home life for employees, which in turn can affect organizational outcomes such as productivity, absenteeism and turnover. This selection of books explores the work-life interface and flexible work arrangements, with volumes that explore theory, implementation and best practices.

Training and Development

By investing in employee growth and development, organizations can improve the quality of their employees’ work experience and realize positive gains by enhancing organizational effectiveness and improving work quality, as well as by helping attract and retain top-quality employees. This selection of books includes volumes that explore research, practical applications and approaches to developing effective training programs.

Employee Recognition

By acknowledging employee efforts and making them feel valued and appreciated, organizations can increase employee satisfaction, morale, and self-esteem. Additionally, the organization itself may benefit from greater employee engagement and productivity, lower turnover and the ability to attract and retain top quality employees. This selection of books explores various recognition topics with volumes that cover motivation, incentives and more.


Whether designing organizational structures and processes that drive performance, promoting a positive work environment that facilitates meaningful work or developing a resilient workforce that can compete in an evolving marketplace, effective leadership is critical to a psychologically healthy workplace. This selection of books focuses on leadership with volumes that explore theory, research and practice.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaches play a variety of roles in organizations, including helping top executives perform at their best, developing new leaders to move into higher roles, acting as a sounding board for senior managers and working with key employees at risk of derailing. This selection of books includes volumes that explore behavior and performance, as well as the history of coaching and approaches that lead to success.

Personnel Assessment and Selection

An organization’s personnel selection process should be based on evidence-based practices that are grounded in research and theory. Special issues to consider include test validity, avoiding adverse impact and ensuring your organization is using legally sound methods to select and promote employees. This collection of books explores the development and validation of selection procedures, job analysis, interviewing and more.

Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Diversity is more than just a workplace program or policy. Ingrained in an organization’s culture, valuing diversity and promoting inclusion have broad strategic implications for innovation, well-being, performance and success. This selection of books focuses on diversity and inclusion, with volumes that explore culture, team work, communications and management.

Workplace Safety

Promoting employee safety can reduce accidents and injuries, create a more loyal workforce, enhance the company’s public image, decrease insurance rates and improve employee effectiveness. This list includes volumes that explore environmental hazards, safety behaviors, legal and compliance issues, safety management, ergonomics, employee training and how to promote and support a safety culture.

Workplace Stress

By investing in employee health and stress prevention, organizations can benefit from greater productivity and reductions in healthcare costs, absenteeism and accident/injury rates. This selection of books explores workplace stress, with volumes that focus on causes, risk factors and tips for preventing job burnout.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through socially responsible actions, leaders can improve the functioning of their organizations and improve performance by doing what’s right. This selection of books explores corporate social responsibility, with volumes that focus on strategy, employee engagement in social causes and sustainable business practices and case examples from world-renowned organizations.

For additional selections, check out more APA Books on Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the online store from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Here’s to happy holidays and a healthy new year!

The content provided above is for informational purposes only. The inclusion of any product, service, vendor or organization does not imply endorsement, recommendation or approval by the American Psychological Association, the APA Center for Organizational Excellence or the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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