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Making a difference: Why Julie says #ILoveMyJob


Every February, we host "I Love My Job" to highlight the positive aspects of work. We're receiving submissions from people who are telling us the reasons they love their job.

We're featuring the best submissions each week here, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. The person or team who provides our favorite entry for the week receives some special treats to share with his or her co-workers.

Send us your "I love my job" story or submission

Here is our favorite submission from last week, sent in by Julie Guerra, human resources director for Nueces County, Texas, government.

Here is why Julie loves her job:

"I love my job at Nueces County! I enjoy working with all the employees at Nueces County, especially my own staff. The employees that work in my department are wonderful; I have such a great team. I find this job very fulfilling knowing that we are assisting people with finding new jobs and making a difference in their lives. It’s a good feeling knowing that I can help somebody with a life-changing event.

Another great part of my job is our company’s wellness program. Reaching out to our employees to make them aware of health issues is a great opportunity that my department enjoys. And, the employees appreciate it. I like making the connections for them. It’s a wonderful place to be at Nueces County!"

Thanks, Julie, for your submission. Look for a delivery soon of special treats as our appreciation for helping to spread the love.


What do you love about your job? Making a difference, working with fantastic colleagues, feeling proud of the organization you work for, having great benefits, something else? Tell us in writing or send us a photo or video.

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