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Bringing friends and flavor together: Why Joy loves her job

candies-ilovemyjob.png Every February, we host "I Love My Job" to highlight the positive aspects of work. We received submissions from people across the country who told us the reasons they love their job.

We feature our favorite submissions here, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. The person or team who provides our favorite entry for the week receives some special treats to share with their co-workers.

Here is our final favorite from last month, sent to us from Joy Booth, owner/director of social media and community engagement for E.J. Wills Gastropub in McKinney, TX.

Joy shares what she loves most about her job:

"We founded our full-service bar and restaurant with the goal of bringing friends and flavor together and that has been our motto -- and stenciled on our walls -- since day one.

What brings us the greatest joy is watching our regulars befriend one another and introducing them to new people, new ways of combining ingredients, and new twists on traditional pub favorites. We like to think of ourselves as serving gourmet grub in a pub, and seeing people relax, have a great time with one another, enjoy the live music we present each week, and leave happier than when they came in is what warms our heart and brings us the greatest sense of satisfaction.

We may win awards for our burgers--and that is humbling and gratifying--but what makes us truly love our jobs are the personal notes we routinely receive from guests about how much they feel like family – that’s what really keeps us going!"

Thanks, Joy, for your submission. Look for a special delivery of treats as our appreciation for helping to spread the love.

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