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Employers urged to help turn around obesity trend

Available Online http://www.shrm.org/Publications/HRNews/Pages/C...
Publication Date November 21, 2007
Author Kathy Gurchiek
Source Society for Human Resource Management
Source Type Online News Article

Focuses on the current obesity trend among US workers, with nearly 75% reporting that they eat an unhealthy snack at least once per week at work. Furthermore, employees report consistently that they have to stay at their desks for most of the day and that their vending machines and cafeterias offer poor food options. Hence, there may be opportunities for employers to provide some assistance, in terms of healthier food options, discounts for gym and club memberships, and other healthy lifestyle benefits.

Keywords Obesity, workplace wellness, healthy lifestyle

Gurchiek, K. (2007, November 21). Employers urged to help turn around obesity trend. Society for Human Resource Management [Online]. Retrieved December 11, 2007, from www.shrm.org.

"WSU Vancouver is very proud of this award because it recognizes not just our on-campus programs but also the active involvement of employees in making the campus community a healthy workplace."

Jeanne Greene, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Washington State University Vancouver