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Worried workers opting-out at vacation time

Available Online http://training-time.blogspot.com/2009/05/worri...
Publication Date May 14, 2009
Author Training Time
Source Training Time
Source Type Blog

Focuses on recent survey results that indicate 34% of Americans do not use all of their vacation time. Furthermore, given the current recession, this percentage may go up even higher. Employees are concerned about whether or not they will have a job when they return from that vacation. However, failing to use at least some vacation may lead to burnout, which can have long-term productivity and health consequences. The article suggests that managers should help their employees feel more comfortable about taking vacation. Leading by example (i.e., managers taking vacation themselves), providing guidance about taking staycations (doing things locally in case employees are afraid that something big may come up while they are out), and sharing the plan for future projects with employees (so they know what they will or will not be missing out on) can help provide the necessary comfort.

Keywords vacation, burn out, recession

Training Time (2009, May 14). Worried workers opting-out at vacation time. Training Time [Online]. Retrieved May 18, 2009, from training-time.blogspot.com.

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