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Propping up employee morale

Available Online http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/story.jsp?storyId=...
Publication Date October 7, 2009
Author Lin Grensing-Pophal
Source Human Resource Executive
Source Type Online News Article

Focuses on the results of a recent survey conducted by Watson Wyatt and WorldatWork. The conclusion was that company actions during the recession have had a negative impact on morale and commitment. According to the article, morale and commitment is not really a pay issue; rather, it stems from issues that provide more intrinsic motivation for employees. Setting clear goals, measuring progress, and celebrating successes are important for keeping morale and commitment high. However, celebrating successes does not have to include incentive pay, bonuses, or other lavish rewards. Instead, simply providing recognition and awards can be a useful way to celebrate success when the financial rewards simply are not available. With that being said, base pay is cited as one of the top 5 issues for job seekers, so ignoring base pay can produce a decrease in talent. However, once base pay expectations have been met, there is no need to offer huge financial incentives for performance.

Keywords morale, commitment, employee recognition, base pay, incentives

Grensing-Pophal, L. (2009, October 7). Propping up employee morale. Human Resource Executive [Online]. Retrieved October 18, 2009, from www.hreonline.com.

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