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Trust is key to wellbeing and performance in workplace

Available Online http://www.employeebenefits.co.uk/benefits/staf...
Publication Date July 3, 2013
Author Jennifer Paterson
Source Employee Benefits
Source Type Online News Article

This article focuses on the key to the well-being of employees and the performance of an organization, which is trust in the workplace. There are many advantages of creating trust in the workplace and providing a flexible work culture. This article provides eight intrinsic drivers of trust: belonging and connection, voice and recognition, significance and position, fairness, learning and challenge, choice and autonomy, security and certainty, and purpose. Truly understanding how individuals are motivated helps boost optimal performance and creates a flourishing environment. It is important that organizations offer flexible working for all employees because this creates a culture of trust, which will reap the rewards of greater employee well-being and performance. Hence, organizations need to be even smarter with their hiring processes, development, and talent retention to help build the well-being of their employees.

Keywords trust, employee well-being, performance

Paterson, J. (2013, July 3). Trust is key to wellbeing and performance in workplace. Employee Benefits [Online]. Retrieved July 9, 2013, from www.employeebenefits.co.uk.

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