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How to give millennials the employee development they want

Available Online https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/283845
Publication Date January 11, 2017
Author Kes Thygesen
Source Entrepreneur
Source Type Magazine

This article focuses on ways to retain millennial workers. The article suggests that turnover is a problem faced by organizations and that employees actively seek out better employment opportunities. Supporting this, results from a recent poll suggest 60% of millennial workers report being open to new job opportunities, and 50% of millennial workers expect to have a different job in one year. Thus, the article recommends implementing employee development programs that increase retention and align with overarching goals. The article provides four specific recommendations for retaining young workers. First, organizations are advised to enable mobility by identifying employee needs and wants and creating offerings based on the highest priorities. Second, the article recommends establishing clear performance and role expectations for employees. Third, the article recommends holding employees accountable, as this may enhance engagement. Lastly, the article recommends offering employees some job flexibility.

Keywords Millennial workers, turnover, opportunities, development programs, retention

Thygesen, K. (2017, January 11). How to give millennials the employee development they want. Entrepreneur [Online]. Retrieved January 20, 2017, from https://www.entrepreneur.com

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