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Why career development should be a big benefit priority

Available Online https://www.benefitnews.com/news/why-career-dev...
Publication Date June 22, 2017
Author Kathryn Mayer
Source Employee Benefit News
Source Type Online News Article

This article focuses on the importance of career development. The article suggests that career development is no longer a nice ideal, but rather a strategic necessity. In addition, experts argue that career development has a significant impact on employee engagement, happiness, and productivity. Moreover, research suggests that a lack of career development is the top reason for turnover. The article then provides four recommendations for mentoring employees. First, organizations should give employees specific feedback regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Second, organizations should develop their employees by giving specific advice on how to improve. Third, organizations should foster performance by asking employees their perceptions of their performance, followed by feedback on their performance. Fourth, employees should receive recognition for good performance.

Keywords Career development, engagement, happiness, productivity, turnover, feedback

Mayer, K. (2017, June 22). Why career development should be a big benefit priority. Employee Benefit News [Online]. Retrieved June 29, 2017, from http://www.benefitnews.com

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