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3 aspects of work-life balance you won't find in company presentations

Available Online https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/295983
Publication Date July 14, 2017
Author Ric Kelly
Source Entrepreneur
Source Type Magazine

This article focuses on the differences in how work-life balance is conceptualized across employees and discusses three aspects of work-life balance that are important to consider. First, the article suggests that function versus meaning should be considered, in which employees consider both time allocations as well as the meaningfulness of work. Second, generational differences should be considered, both in terms of communication tendencies and work ethic. Third, employees should consider the domain boundaries with which they are comfortable, as well as the work and scheduling norms they find acceptable. In addition, to improve the strategic approach to work-life balance, organizations should consider open dialogue rather than presentations, genuine choices and work flexibility, employee output rather than input, reward alignment, and the effectiveness of leaders.

Keywords Work-life balance, communication, domains, boundaries, scheduling, flexibility

Kelly, R. (2017, July 14). 3 aspects of work-life balance you won’t find in company presentations. Entrepreneur [Online]. Retrieved July 19, 2017, from http://www.entrpreneur.com

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