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Is it a sick day? Vacation day? With PTO, it doesn't matter

Available Online http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20170717_...
Publication Date July 12, 2017
Author Joyce M. Rosenberg
Source philly.com
Source Type Online News Article

This article focuses on the growing trend of combining time off into a single PTO category. The article suggests that the number of organizations offering PTO has increased by 15% since 2002 and that 51% of private organizations offered PTO last year. Experts suggest that offering time off as a single PTO category helps avoid employees having to lie about being sick, but they also warn that some employees may go to work sick in order to save PTO for vacation. Organizations are advised to address such problems in performance appraisals, communicating to employees that they should avoid going to work when sick. The article also cautions organizations to emphasize consistency in how PTO is allocated and which patterns are viewed as acceptable. The article also suggests that unlimited PTO is an option that reduces pressure and burdens. In sum, offering PTO as a blanket category for time off can be beneficial, but organizations are advised to consider potential problems and take proactive steps.

Keywords PTO, time off, sick, vacation, performance appraisal, pressure, burden

Rosenberg, J. M. (2017, July 12). Is it a sick day? Vacation day? With PTO, it doesn’t matter. Business [Online]. Retrieved July 21, 2017, from http://www.philly.com

"When you have a high level of employee involvement in regards to the decision-making and problem-solving; and, when employees know that they are not alone to deal with their personal issues; and, when they see opportunities to become healthier with their employer's help; then, that business will be able to count on its greatest resource, its employees."

Glenn McFadden
Executive Vice President of Operations
The Comporium Group