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Managers aren’t doing enough to train employees for the future

Available Online https://hbr.org/2017/11/managers-arent-doing-en...
Publication Date November 14, 2017
Author David W. Ballard
Source Harvard Business Review
Source Type Magazine

This article focuses on ways managers can increase training for employees. While employees may feel confident about their current job skills, they do not feel as optimistic about their future or how well they are being trained for future positions. The article identifies a variety of discrepancies between employees and managers regarding future opportunities. One area is supervisor support; employees who do not feel they have adequate support are less likely to report their employer as providing them with future-oriented skills. Both men and women report having skills for their current jobs, but fewer women say their employers are providing adequate training for future skills than men. In addition, employees with a college degree feel more confident in their future-oriented training opportunities than those without a college degree. The article also suggests that senior employees report higher satisfaction with opportunities than non-senior employees. It concludes with tips for creating an environment that will help prepare all employees for future jobs, including setting employee and supervisor expectations, making time for employee career development, focusing on training and development skills, providing practice opportunities, rewarding employees for training and development efforts, and eliminating disparities between levels of the organization.

Keywords Training and development, supervisor support, gender differences

Ballard, D. W. (2017, November 14). Managers aren’t doing enough to train employees for the future. Harvard Business Review. [Online]. Retrieved November 17, 2017, from http://www.hbr.org

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