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The importance of rewarding staff and how to do it well

Available Online http://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/opinion...
Publication Date March 27, 2018
Author Robin Hay
Source Training Journal
Source Type Online Journal

This article focuses on how to motivate employees using benefits. The article states that one way to reduce employee turnover is by increasing employee engagement through additional benefits or incentives. The article suggests benefits do not have to be financial but can include flexible working hours, additional holidays, or increased social events. The article states that benefits can be used to show dedication to employee training and development. The article concludes that employers should get to know their employees on a personal level to better customize benefits to maximize motivation.

Keywords Employee motivation, employee benefits, telecommuting, flexible work hours, employee training/development

Hay, R. (2018, March 27). The importance of rewarding staff and how to do it well. Training Journal. [Online]. Retrieved April 6, 2018 from http://www.trainingjournal.com/

"The most gratifying aspect of this award is the validation by outside experts who visit your workplace and conclude that routine practices are conducive to a psychologically positive environment. There is an enormous satisfaction in being told you are doing a lot of things right!"

Beth Taylerson
Human Resource Director
The Herald, Rock Hill, SC