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Love Your Job? Share Your Story!

Join us during February – the Month of Love – to celebrate all the reasons people love their jobs.

Every February, we ask people to rekindle the love for their job and the places they work. The responses each year affirm what we know: People love their jobs when it is meaningful, keeps them involved, and commits to helping them stay healthy, among other things.

Join in and tell us why you love your job. Our favorite submissions will receive a little love back from us.

You can:

  • Tell us in writing
  • Send us photos
  • Make, upload and share a video

When you think about all the ways you love your job, ask yourself, what drew you to your job in the first place? The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others? The ability to achieve certain career goals? A chance to work with amazing colleagues? Great pay and benefits that allow you to pursue your passions outside of work?

Submissions are being accepted now. If your video, photo or written submission is selected as one of our favorites, we’ll:

  • Showcase your submission on our social media and website.
  • Deliver delicious goodies and “I love my job” stickers to your office to share with your colleagues.

Our “I love my job” celebration runs throughout February, and we select favorites every week. Jump on it and shine the light on your job and your organization by submitting your story here or send an email to phwa@apa.org

"We have always known that the key to our success is the way we care about our fellow workers. Winning this award is a welcome confirmation that we are on the right track."

Ken Golder
Holiday Inn River Centre